Its simple – We provide you with a solicitor to handle your personal injury claim absolutely FREE.


Reasons you should trust us:

It’s a QUICK and FREE service and there’s no obligation

– we match up your type of injury and personal preferences with our panel of solicitors. You then choose the solicitor you feel comfortable with and they will start with your compensation claim straight away. There’s no obligation to use our solicitor – you are free to use your own solicitor if you wish – but remember our solicitors are pre-selected experts in personal injury cases like yours.

We ONLY use qualified solicitors for your claim

– all our solicitors must meet our standards of service. We have located solicitors across the UK, so we will put you in direct contact with them absolutely FREE.

Completely confidential

– the MyFreeLawyer service is completely confidential. Only the pre-screened solicitors who are are experts in your case are privy to you case details.

We NEVER over promise

– We believe in being realistic. Once we have matched your case to a solicitor whose expertise matches your preferences, that solicitor will review your claim for compensation and contact you. If your claim is worth pursuing they’ll tell you immediately. If it’s not worth pursuing, they’ll also tell you that immediately as well.